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Welcome to ATTENTION TO DETAIL!!! My very first podcast!!

I'm super excited! This is what I was planned on doing YEARS ago but never had the time, equipment, etc. But now, during the pandemic, I had time on my hands to give this a go. Please search A2D on all the places you find your podcasts. I'm an apple guy so I stick with apple's podcast. But I will also upload links to VIP's Twitter and Facebook pages. Here, I will upload notes but not all the info to entice you to listening!! Search all and any place you get your podcast information - we should be on there!

Here's a show link:

This episode is our first one. Get to know us, like us, write a kind review: Highlights include:

  1. Re-establish your foundation

  2. Look at obstacles as opportunities

  3. Make your creativity intentional

  4. Be intentionally aware of positive bi-products

  5. We're coming out - now what??

Thanks again. Hope to hear from you soon!


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