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Interview: Doug Curry

Dr. Doug Curry is on the faculty of Messiah University. He is an expert oN worship, worship music and worship leading. Here are highlights from our discussion:

-the pattern of worship is our response to God's revelation isaiah 6

-worship for isaiah wasn’t a keyboard but it was when he had a glimpse of who God is - then he responded

-worship is largely about our response to God’s initiative, how are we involved in God's story, singing it, telling it, being silent

-silence is your friend

-think bigger deeper and broader than their experience because the future will look different

-every church context has a history, tradition, and styles

-Revelations 4-7 idea of the new heaven and new earth. God is bigger than any individual context

-style is not the most important thing, it’s juts a thing

-excellence is contextual but it glorifies God in every context.

-move people with love. Paul ICor 12-15 = 13> that chapter is in the middle of the about worship. love of one another and love of God in our context.

-your worship style can be an idol

-Psalm 78: 72 david is described who lead people with integrity of heart and skilled hands

-you need to develop talent and be good

…yet I will praise Him

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