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Interview: Tyler Buisch

Byrd, piano Tyler Buisch on bass

Tyler Buisch

Music Director Tyler Buisch, Mosaic Christian Church is a great friend of mine. We've played on each other's projects and we've grown from teacher/student to equal equal. He's a great man.

Once a month or every 3 weeks or so, I'll interview a mover and shaker on how they do what they do so well. Here are some of the many details of truth illuminated in this conversation with my dear friend Tyler:

  1. There is a benefit to having specialists on your team, not generalists

  2. Everyone gets the same size pie - don't cut too many pieces for each piece will be smaller and smaller

  3. Your first 'no' may not be the last 'no'. It could be an opportunity to re-apply and get a 'yes'

  4. Leadership (like coaching) actually matters!

  5. Data doesn't lie! Use stats to inform your decision making

  6. Create an organization/church/environment you'd want your friends to experience

  7. Follow your mission, whatever it is, unapologetically

  8. Have a financial emergency fund

  9. Have a 'high truth, high trust' kind of team where communication can be critical but loving

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