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Put Your Name on the Prize

I know you diligently read this blog - DON'T YOU??? - and you remember my darling son, now 14 almost 15 year old. Last year he set a goal of making a basketball team after years of trying out and not making it. The big draw for him? He loves the game but he wanted a team jacket :)

I also mentioned how he was the first kid off the bench - not to play, but to encourage, instruct and support his teammates. There were games where he never took his shooting shirt off but you'd couldn't tell from his attitude. He was happy, engaged on the bench, loving the game and his teammates. He actually inspired me - and I'm the one with the Leadership degree.

Anyway it's a year later, he's still chasing hoop dreams and working hard. He's an honor student in HS and he's a respectful kid of faith. I love him. I even like him. He's a marvelous kid.

His old coach sent me and his mother an email just last week. We had not been in contact with him since the awards banquet last year when he won the sportsmanship award. He contacted me about naming an award that has been established for the founder of the program the Jason Byrd Coach Award.

They are naming a trophy after my kid.

By my unofficial estimates, here are my kid's stats from last year:

He scored less than 10 points. All year (20+ games)

Several games he was dressed to play but didn't play

He probably took less than 10 shots. All year.

But this kid is having a trophy named after him because of the IMPRESSION HE MADE ON HIS ENVIRONMENT. Here's what his coach emailed me "Charlie and I have been talking all year about the awards we gave out last year. With Jason being on the team last year, he gave the both of us a different perspective on coaching. As I said last year, he was a joy to coach, great teammate, very coachable, always thanking the both of us after practice or games and well liked by everyone on the team. Never had problem with him and he was always pushing his teammates in practice and games. The awards we gave out last year were established in the 80's by the founder of the program, Don Cline. Charlie and I would like to ask permission from the three of you to establish another award, Jason Byrd Coach's Award. Jason just left such an impression on the both of us, that we wanted some way to recognize that each year."

Live everyday like everyone is watching.

Look for ways to encourage one another.

Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not because you want a reward

Love what you do and encouragement isn't a chore, it's a joy

Let's live like our name is on a trophy. What does that trophy represent?

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