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Keep Your Head in the Way

The solare eclipse of 2017 is probably the most watched eclipse - actually, the most watched anything - in world history. Some reports indicate half, HALF, of the US population watched it either outside or online. Amazing! I've even heard recently some people are suing companies for selling them counterfeit glasses they purchased to view it. Wow! So exciting!!

I didn't watch 😳

I'm a busy guy!! But it does have a leadership principle I'd like to bring to you now.

My church wanted to start a projector system/program in our worship services where we could show song lyrics, news and information on our sanctuary walls. The volunteers who came up with this plan said they had a great way of making it possible: they would set the projectors on the floor and project the images from there. The only problem would be we would have to move some things out of the way of the site line of the projector light. A music stand, the keyboard and, if someone moved the plants, the occasional leaf would sometimes get in the way of the projector light. But those things can be easily moved.

Not so easily moved is Eric - me, that is. I play most of the services and when I sit at the piano keyboard, my big head is in the way! For the first couple of years I got used to getting up and moving out of the way. After all it's important for people to see what we're projecting. But then one day, I just didn't get up. My big ole head was firmly planted in the bottom of the projection. And I didn't care. I didn't care because I had finally learned a very crucial component of any process that involves change.


You see, if I had gotten up I would be providing a reason for the church to stay exactly where it was. I would encourage you and anyone in a leadership position, don't do too much. Meaning, don't always provide a work around. Don't always try to make it right. Don't have a plan B all the time. I did my research and it didn't take long to learn that I could not find a church with our similar budget, demographic, size or denomination that had a projector system sitting on the floor. All of these churches had a no foolin', mounted projector system.

So no - I can't move my head out of the way. No, I can't get up every time we project something. But yes, I certainly can think of a better solution: budget the money to mount projectors.

It didn't happen overnight, I got denied a few years, but I'm pleased to say we now have mounted projectors. I am happy we were able to get them. We can now project images and information whenever we want to, in full or dark light, any time we like. Bottom line:

Be your own eclipse.

Create a need.

Highlight the need.

Make people confront the need.

That's how people change.

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