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Professional Credits

Eric Byrd has done training, teaching or taught leadership at a variety of organizations.  Here are a few:

Hello Eric!

My name is Cat, Director of Music and Worship from St. Malachy Catholic Church. I attended your De-Escalating 3pm session at WFX earlier today -- thank you so much for your engaging and thought-provoking session!!

I would love a copy of your slide presentation please to share with the folks back in Sterling Heights, MI when you get a moment.

All the best,


Hi, Eric,

Would you send a copy of your PowerPoint file?

Thank you very much for your enlightening speech - Dan

Thank you again for being a part of the 2016 National Worship Leader Conference Virginia and for the job you do in your church.  This year we wanted to do something new to document your presence at the 2016 NWLC Centreville, VA.  Attached please find your personal Certificate of Recognition.


Suzie Stablein
Conference Director

The most charismatic, energetic, forthright and effective leader can only be experienced, successful and grounded, all of which describes my friend of several decades, Eric Byrd. VIP is a perfect outlet for his skillset. My recommendation is attached to high admiration for Eric. - Al Betz, Outfluence

Dear Eric,

Thank you Mr. Byrd for participating in the panel discussion with us at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Laurel, MD. Your insight in what it means to worship was well received, thoughtful, and helpful to the attendees. We hope to work again with you in the future.

In His Will By His Grace,

Rev. Brian Green

Consultancy Founder 

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