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Eric B. Byrd &

VIP Consulting:


Done Well

Leadership Training

VIP trains leaders in the skills they'll need to take their organization to the next level.  Vision Casting, Conflict Resolution, Staff/Volunteer Management, Creating a Standard - all of this and more can be addressed through careful planning.  

VIP Consulting is Leadership Done Well.  We're going to help you create a plan of action and work alongside you execute it.

We Are With You

What makes VIP different?  Why use us?

Simply put, we won't take your money and run. Most consultants charge you a bunch of money, give you an action plan - but then leave without making sure you're institution is better.

VIP will help you develop a plan but also work alongside your organization to make sure the plan sticks.  This is our guarantee.

Eric Byrd has launched a Podcast that equips church leaders, influencers and more with the information you need to move your organization forward.

Click on the show image above to access all episodes AND SUBSCRIBE TODAY!  It is available on iTunes Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more.

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