Written by Eric Byrd.

Artist: Bob Berg

Title: Another Standard

Major Players: B Berg - sax

David Kikoski - piano

Ed Howard - bass

Gary Novak - drums


Bob left us all to early with much music left to give us.  I was first introduced to him in those powerful, late '80's early '90's bands he co-led with guitarist Mike Stern.  That group was fusion, loud, powerful, energetic and - did I mention LOUD.  Now, I'm just a pianist but Berg's sound seems close to the great Michael Brecker, another powerful force that is no longer with us.

This CD released in 1997 is wonderful.  An acoustic outing, this disc has mostly standards arranged by Bob and David.  They come out swinging with YOU AND THE NIGHT AND THE MUSIC and it just gets hotter from there.  There are some lovely moments on here.  NIGHT is super fast, SUMMER WIND might be Novak's greatest moments as he swings real hard at a medium clip, especially on David's solo.  My favorite tune on the whole disc is MICHELLE a Lennon/McCartney composition.  The harmony is totally re-arranged, it has a sort of straight eighth feel but not a pure latin vibe, it has an interlude section - beautiful!

IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR is the project's "my favorite things" as Bob plays soprano on it, with the arrangement being kinda open.  I'm not a big fan of the lone ballad ALL THE WAY, as Bob's frenetic tenor doesn't lend itself to how I like my jazz tenor slow grooves: sweet and lovely with a hint of romance.  But this, I COULD WRITE A BOOK with Randy Brecker on Trumpet and JUST IN TIME are all tracks that show how hard this group could swing.

I'm sure I'm biased but, for me, David Kikoski steals this whole disc from Bob and that's saying alot because I love me some Bob Berg!  But David is inventive, imaginative...almost every track on here is worth transcribing from the piano chair.  He has signature moments throughout the program.

Download this today and make sure that guy from the Washington Post knows we are still here, still playing this music and still listening to it.  


God Bless,



Written by Eric Byrd.

Hello Jazz Fans,

My wife and I recently built our 2nd home.  He is an amazing God; He gets the credit for all of that.  I only mention it to say that, thanks to my boy Troy Carver, he built us some incredible looking built in bookcases.  I have a lot of books leftover that I haven't transferred over to my digital book reader and the shelving is great for my various Derek Jeter, Troy Aikman statuettes....after all, my pepsi can with the King of Pop on it is important for my family, let alone my shrine to the Genius of Soul with his own spotlight.

but here's where this all impacts YOU :)

I've had no where to put all my jazz CDs.  Yes, before downloads, ITunes and the like, I used to buy CD's.  A lot of them.  All the time.  I was that guy...would buy a whole CD for one song.  In fact I was so obsessive with my jazz CD's I had a check out system.  I entered them into excel files so I could sort title, songs, artist...I alphabetized them and put them in my CD holders in order.  All of them.  All 450+ of them.  I loved them like they were my own children.

And, like my very own children, I boxed them up in June of 2013 and I haven't seen them!

UNTIL NOW!!!! muahahahahahahah.....

...well, I mean a couple of weeks ago.

so now I have all my jazz CD's out and available to listen to.  I am in-between grad school classes at Lancaster Bible College (love it!) and I have a little more time to write.  So I thought I would take Wednesdays to write jazz reviews on the Cd's I've purchased, yet haven't listened to in at least a year.  (just what we needed right)?

So enjoy the blog and check my Trio out.  We're starting to heat up again for the fall and our music is readily available to purchase.  Heck, you can write your own review about us.  Take care and keep on swinigin'


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