The Retro-Active Project

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Episode 1: Lord I Lift Your Name On High

This song was and is very popular in the contemporary church and I have always been a church boy. For years since my youth I have always been intrigued by idea of adopting sacred music into an improvisational setting. (one day I may turn that into a full length CD idea). But here, I take this popular contemporary christian song to the islands allowing Alphonso Young to shine in controlled fury. Bhagwan Khalsa (bass) roots the entire piece with his own montuno and I float on top, weaving melodies into phrases. If you know the song previously I think you'd appreciate our version of it even more. -Eric Byrd

Episode 2: Message in a Bottle

The Eric Byrd Trio classes up a pop song into a "serious", Modern-Jazz style. Explosive drumming by Alphonso Young, grounded bass sounds by Bhagwan Khalsa, piano by Eric Byrd. With all of my piano animations and Al's expressiveness, this song is absolutely nothing without Bhagwan bearing witness to the groove. He stays at home, allowing the rest of us to take off.

Episode 3: There Is No Greater Love

A tribute to Oscar Peterson, and originally composed by Isham Jones, this Jazz standard is one of our greatest openers for Jazz lovers. Alphonso Young on drums, Bhagwan Khalsa on bass, and Eric Byrd on piano.

Episode 4: Jah Dah

A traditional bluesy piece a la Gene Harris. Remember when Jazz music actually swung? Had changes? Incorporated the blues and the drummer used brushes? Step forward in our jazz time machine - it's old, but brand new.

Episode 5: Blessed Assurance

The EBT takes an old church hymn, re-harmonizes it, re-energizes it and re-introduces it to a whole new audience. "This is my story/this is my song". Let's go to church for a bit without having to wake up so early :) Retro-Active, baby. Let the church say amen.

Episode 6: Ray's Collard Greens

The EBT gives you more 21st Century Swing with a song written by Steve Turre. "Ray's Collard Greens" is exactly what the title sounds like: good, down home blues. B's got the head and all the boys take their turn on this trip.


Eric Byrd, piano. Bhagwan Khalsa, bass. Alphonso Young, drums.

Video production by Bluehouseproductions.

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